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Cyclone Washer

Cyclone Washer:Cyclone assembly for corrugated and square roof profile


Material:Carbon steel,304 stainless steel,EPDM washer

Application:Strengthen the roof and walls ability of cyclone resistance on crest roofing pannel,roof-lok has ultimate roof holding capability in a storm.



*Excellent support performance

The large contact surface of cyclone washer greatly improves the pressing capacity of the roof panel. Protects the roof from damage in hurricane conditions.

*Meets Hurricane Zone Building Codes

The cyclone washer design is suitable for buildings and walls in the category 5 hurricane area (equivalent to a category 17 typhoon). 

*Dual purpose,both good performance

Cyclone washer is suitable for both square crest and corrugated crest.

*Effectively prevent water leaking

Equipped with a double-layer combination gasket, which is composed of an upper sealing gasket and a lower large EPDM sealing ring. Secured in place by grooves. It can effectively prevent water from entering screw heads, storm washers  and roof panels, causing corrosion.

*Excellent corrosion resistance performance

Base coating is zinc+tin alloy,out layer is  ruspert coating. The entire steel plates and screws  are treated with this mechanical coating system,offers excellent anti-corrision ability.Due to the unique structural design, debris, dust...etc, are not easy to accumulate under the steel plate. Corrosion hazards are reduced.

*Automatically adjust to fit the roof structure

Even when installed off-centre,storm washer can still lock the roof panel when it is pulled upwards.



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