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Self Tapping Screw With Bonded Washer
Self Tapping Screw With Bonded Washer
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Self Tapping Screw With Bonded Washer


Material:SAE 1022 carbon steel,Stainless Steel

Head Style:Hexagon Head


Thread:Coarse thread,fine thread

TPI(Threads Per Inch):14,24


Washer:EPDM washer,EPDM bonded washer

Certification:SGS reoprt SST1500hrs+Kesternich 15cycles

Finish:Zinc Plate,Dacromet,Ruspert Mechanical Coating

Application:Metal to wood screws

Our sharp pointed metal to wood screws, it's designed for fixing roof sheeting or wall cladding to timber. We have right length to be suitable for crest fixing and  valley fixing 



Screw Head Painting

Screw head colour painting adopts the fluorocarbon metal paint,the finished coating has stable performance,excellent weather resistance and UV resistance,long life,strong adhesion ,impact resistance up to 50KG/CM2.

The surface coat of fluorine-carbone baking paint coating combined with fluorine resin as base coat,take the advantages of resistance to aging 10 years,and product color appearance is not affected by seasonal changes.

The color customized as you want,you only need to provide us the color code,or if you have special color request,just send us the sample,we can paint the head color as same as your sample.


Adapter to use:magnetic hex socket 5/16',3/8'


More specification and if you have other request,please feel free to contact us.