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Self Drilling Screw Bolt
Self Drilling Screw Bolt
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Self Drilling Screw Bolt&Self Tapping Screw Bolt


Material:1022A Carbon Steel



Thread:Coarse Thread

Finish:Galvanized Zinc,Ruspert Coating

Application and Benifits:

*Self drilling screw bolt&self tapping screw bolt is usually applied in the roofing system,Used to fix structural components in steel structure buildings instead of bolts. Compared with traditional bolts, thick-diameter self-drilling bolts do not need to be pre-drilled holes in the factory. There is no need to match the hole spacing at the job site. They can be directly drilled and fixed in one time, improving installation efficiency.

*For thick-diameter self-tapping screw bolt. Purlins and wall panels must be pre-drilled holes in Factory before construction to ensure accuracy at screw connections. 

*Thick-diameter screws bear more shear force than standard screws, ensuring the higher safety performance requirements of the steel building  system. High quality, high efficiency ,easy installed self-drilling screws provide a complete system fastening solution.

*EPDM bonded washer can prevent washer deformation problems caused by angled construction, EPDM bonded washer has good aging resistance, high temperature resistance and water leakage resistance.

*High-quality, easy-to-install self-drilling screws providing a complete system fastening solution