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WSDST Self Drilling Screw
WSDST Self Drilling Screw
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WSDST/WSDSK Self Drilling Screw For Fixing Timber To Steel Construction

Material:Carbon Steel

Finish:Galvanized Zinc Coating



Application:Fixing timber and composite boards to steel up to 4.5mm thick,Fixing timber trim, through plasterboard, to steel framing up to 2.4mm thick.

Introduction Of WSDST Self Drilling Screw

*Specially designed to enable the fastener to fix timber to metal without the  timber rising to the top of the screw while the metal is being drilled.

*Features a flat head with reaming cutters in the underside to enable the  head of the fastener to self-embed for a flush or recessed finish.


How it works

1.The drill point drills the timber, as the wings counter bore the hole larger  than the thread diameter. With the hole being larger the thread will not  engage into the timber.


2.After the drill point drills through the metal, the wings break off on  contact with the metal


3.The thread cutting feature on the shank cuts a mating thread in the  metal and the thread continues to engage. The head then clamps this  material firmly together.


WSDSK Self Drilling Drilling Screw