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Self Drilling Screw Tek5
Self Drilling Screw Tek5
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Hex Head Self Drilling Screw Tek5 Point


Material:1022A carbon steel

Head Type:  Hexagon Head

Point Type: Self Drilling Tek5#

Thread Type: Fine

TPI(thread per inch):24

Screw Length: 38mm~180mm


Diameter: 5.5mm / 6.3mm

Finish: Ruspert Mechanical Coating,Zinc Plated,Dacromet,Galvanized Zinc

Certificate:SGS SST1500hrs+Kesternich15cycles

Application:Self Drilling Screw Tek5 drill point is suitable to fix thick steel


Self drilling screws Tek5# for fastening steel to steel, each screw comes with TEK5 drill points for steady and fast performance. These drill points are capable of drilling through 12.5mm thick steel while effectively clearing out swarf. Our fasteners boast Ruspert coating,which consists of multiple layers of specially-formulated chemicals that can offer good resistance to corroision.

Ruspert coating:Making Excellent Adhesion of Mechanical Coating


HardwareJet mechanical galvanized screws coating is produced according to Australia Standard for self-drilling screw corrosion resistant requirement AS-3566.2-2002 with metallurgical profile micro-density grade 8 require-ments, to ensure excellent coating adhesion. Firstly, the screws are coated by using a 360 degree rotation plating process to mechanically weld zinc and tin ally powder to the surface. This process helps zine plating coat evenly onto screw threads which helps to form the first layer of protection from corrosion. Screws are then soaked in liquid Ruspert and heated for solidification which form a second layer coating that could generates lubrication during drilling application and help reduce friction that could destruction the inner protection layer of zinc plating.Process under room temperature eliminates the re-tempering or softening. NON-Exposion to acid during production prevents screw from hydrogen embrittlement.


Head Color Painting:Offer the same color with appearance of roofing pannel

Screw head colour painting adopts the fluorocarbon metal paint,the finished coating has stable performance,excellent weather resistance and UV resistance,long life,strong adhesion ,impact resistance up to 50KG/CM2,the color can be customized as customer's requirment,you just need to provide us the color code or send us the color samples. 


Adapter to use:Magnetic Hex socket 5/16',3/8'


More specifications and information,please feel free to contact us.